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Bond No. 9 – Tribeca


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Discover Tribeca by Bond No. 9, a floriental Eau de Parfum that embodies sophistication and youth. With notes of Cacao Absolute, Green Hazelnut, and Jasmine Sambac, this fragrance is perfect for those who embrace their confidence and style.

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Indulge in the allure of Tribeca by Bond No. 9, a captivating unisex Eau de Parfum that embodies the essence of sophistication and youth, mirroring the vibrant energy of TriBeCa’s residents.

This floriental fragrance opens with the rich and indulgent aroma of Cacao Absolute, blending seamlessly with the fresh and nutty essence of Green Hazelnut. As the scent develops, notes of Jasmine Sambac Absolute infuse the fragrance with a floral elegance, while Cedarwood adds a touch of warmth and depth. The base notes of Ambroxan, Moss, and Caramel provide a sensual and inviting finish, leaving a lasting impression that is both sexy and sophisticated.

Tribeca is the perfect olfactory accessory for those who exude confidence and style.

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