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Burberry – Goddess


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Dive into the world of Goddess by Burberry—a new fragrance pillar that redefines opulence with a gourmand vanilla essence and luminous lavender. This scent is more than just a fragrance; it’s an ode to confidence, strength, and kindness, presented in Burberry’s inaugural refillable and vegan formula.

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Introducing Goddess by Burberry—a groundbreaking fragrance pillar that unveils a luscious gourmand vanilla scent entwined with the luminous allure of lavender. This olfactory masterpiece is a celebration of confidence, strength, and kindness, encapsulating the essence of a modern goddess. Notably, it marks Burberry’s foray into sustainability as its first refillable fragrance, boasting a vegan formula that aligns seamlessly with your values.

Immerse yourself in the divine fusion of gourmand warmth and floral luminosity—a fragrance that embodies empowerment and elegance.

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Women (Female)

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Eau de Parfum (EDP)



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