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Givenchy Gentleman EDP


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Discover the allure of Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum. This captivating blend of iris, black pepper, vanilla wood, lavender, and black vanilla is a statement of elegance and refinement for the modern man.



Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum exudes luxury and sophistication, presenting a dynamic clash of powerful iris, spicy black pepper, and deep vanilla wood. This fragrance celebrates the free spirit and charismatic charm of the Gentleman in a magnetic eau de parfum. The composition plays a captivating rhythm from the first note, starting with aromatic lavender and effervescent pepper. Warmed by smooth Peru balsam, iris begins a floral solo, balancing strength and delicacy. Woody tones of patchouli and the sensuality of black vanilla reveal an addictive balmy note. This rich, textured signature stays on the skin until the end of the night. Encased in a bold, intensely black lacquered bottle, Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum is the ultimate expression of timeless elegance and refinement.

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Men (Male)

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Eau de Parfum (EDP)



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Givenchy Gentleman EDPGivenchy Gentleman EDP
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