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Dior – Dioriviera


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Welcome to the allure of DIORIVIERA Eau de Parfum—a fragrance that beckons with the promise of an escape, a celebration of festivity and hedonism. Immerse yourself in a soft green with honeyed hues, where fig and rose create a dazzling and addictive duo. This ingenious incarnation of the southern sun invites you to experience a bold and balanced intensity in every spray.

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Embark on a sensorial journey with DIORIVIERA Eau de Parfum—an enticing escape into a world of festivity and hedonism. Crafted as a getaway for the senses, this fragrance encapsulates a solar state of mind and an epicurean art of living. Picture a soft green with honeyed hues, a captivating dance that evokes a shimmering oasis. Dive into the floral fruity symphony where fig and rose unite, creating a solar and addictive duo—an olfactory shock that is dazzling and unmistakable.

DIORIVIERA is not just a fragrance; it’s a brilliant incarnation of the southern sun, the bloom of May roses, and the warm breeze rustling through fig tree leaves. The ingenious contrast between the soft rose and the green fig note gives DIORIVIERA a bold and balanced intensity. Let every spray transport you to a sun-soaked haven, where the fragrant embrace of May roses and the gentle caress of the fig tree leaves linger in the air.

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Dior DiorivieraDior – Dioriviera
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