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Bharara Viking Rio


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Immerse yourself in the energetic essence of Rio de Janeiro with Viking Rio by Bharara. This vibrant parfum fragrance blends fresh grass, zesty bergamot, succulent plum, delicate rose, alluring jasmine, sultry musk, warm amber, earthy sandalwood, and comforting vanilla to capture the lively atmosphere and diverse spirit of Rio.

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Viking Rio by Bharara is an olfactory celebration of the vibrant and energetic spirit of Rio de Janeiro.

At the forefront, freshly cut grass and zesty bergamot evoke the sunlit days on the iconic Copacabana beach. As this parfum fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals a harmonious blend of succulent plum, delicate rose petals, and the alluring essence of jasmine, perfectly capturing the essence of Rio’s lively atmosphere. The base notes deepen the experience, with a sultry combination of musk and moss invoking the mysterious allure of the lush Amazon rainforest. Warmth is added with amber, while sandalwood and tonka provide a grounding, earthy foundation. Finally, a comforting embrace of vanilla wraps the fragrance, leaving a lasting impression that mirrors the vibrant and diverse spirit of Rio de Janeiro.

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